Pranic Healing Foundation, Rajasthan

GMCKS Pranic Healing Trust of Rajasthan

GMCKS Pranic Healing Trust of Rajasthan is a non-profit organization founded in the month of February 2010 affiliated to World Pranic Healing Foundation, India, which in turn is affiliated to The World Pranic Healing Foundation, Manila and the Institute of Inner Studies Manila.

The aim of establishing the Foundation is to spread Pranic Healing teachings and Arhatic Yoga to every part of India, especially in Rajasthan. This Foundation is following the path of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, that is to alleviate the pains and suffering of every Soul and transforming them to a new bright and knowledgeable soul.

The prime focus of this Foundation is to make each and every Soul aware about the Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga and spreading this to the whole world irrespective of caste, religion, social status, educational background for accelerating the development and transformation of their Souls.

The Foundation is having its registered office in Pink City, Jaipur. The Foundation conducts Pranic Healing Classes, Healing camps, group meditations and many more.

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