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My mother- in- law is a chronic diabetic patient and had a wound in her little toe for a long time, over two months. Her wound get infected badly and was not getting healed due to diabetes. The doctors concluded that amputation was the only answer.

After seeing the wound, my sister-in-law started giving pranic healing treatment. This was 14 Dec. She gave two or three healings on the same day, and again the next day,she gave two distant healing from her home. When we opened the bandage the next afternoon 15 dec, it was a miracle! The dangerous wound had filled up to a reasonable extent. It was unbelievable! After 10 days of pranic healing treatment, the toe regained its natural shape, and the nail come up again. If we had not seen this with our own eyes, we would not have believed it at all.

Kavita khandelwal, Jaipur

My brother-in-law lives in USA. He came to India 6 months ago and was suffering from cervical pain for last 7-8 months. He had tried various therapies including acupressure but he didn’t get much relief.

On his visit to jaipur we discussed about pranic healing. With his approval we just followed the protocol. After one healing his pain was almost gone.

Shobhna Sharma, Jaipur

Pranic healing has been a boom in my life. My husband was diagnosed with mouth cancer stage 4 in the month of April. We suffered a set back and life seems impossible. He has been on medication and had to undergo painful chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I do started doing pranic healing and THM. The side effects could be seen reducing. Salt water bath also did his magic.

The positive approach and the energy generated by the healings charged my husband which was miraculous. The painful treatment had become a lot easier because of THM. I am so great ful to have the knowledge and experience of pranic healing in my life. Recently, doctors have clinically examined and the tumour has reduces to a great extent. It’ s not just the medication that is effective but the faith of getting healed is working too.

Vinni Chopra, Jaipur

My son who is 2 year old is not able to walk. Doctor told me that there was no other way but to operate. At this time I got in touch with a senior pranic healer who performed several sessions of pranic healing on him for a month. After some time my son started walking normally. Doctor was surprised and so was my family.


My daughter age 10 used to have nightmares, scary dreams and constantly restless sleep. I got her healed by pranic healer, who gave her a few psychotherapy distant healing sessions. I was surprised to see the remarkable difference in a short time. Now there is no complain of nightmare. Thank u master and pranic healing.

Shivali Singh

Last in march my husband started feeling breathless while climbing the stairs. As this persisted for next 2 days we went to the doctor for a checkup. When the result came we were shocked to discover that he had enlarged heart , leakage in the valve and heart functioning gone down to 20%. He was advised complete bed rest. I immediately invoke to Master and God and ask help from my pranic healer friends. They started giving him healing twice a day. We went for a checkup after 3 days. The doctor saw some improvement and his breathlessness had disappeared. After one month his heart functioning gone upto 30% Even the doctor was amazed with the speedy recovery. The valve leakage was also disappeared. My husband was allowed to work for 2-3 hours initially and after 3 months he resumed his regular schedule.

In his last test in nov 2013 his heart was functioning at 61% which is normal. Thanks to God and GMCKS.

Madhulika Sand, Jaipur

My husband was suffering from acute itchiness in his eyes. When we consulted the doctor we were told that fluid in his eyes which is required for easy movement of eye was drying up and he was developing hypermetropia. I continued healing for a month after which he became absolutely normal. It has been 6 years now and the problem has not reoccurred.

Khushi Lamba,, Jaipur

It was my first experience. I am a very positive thinker but due to some reason i was feeling very down mentally and physically. I met Pooja, a Pranic Healer and also Managing Trustee of Rajasthan Foundation, she tried to understand me first what exactly i was going through. I share with her that i strongly believe in God. During the healing i came to see blue color and felt connected with God with a unseen power. I felt very different experience and just after two sessions of healing i felt perfectly fine.

Thanks to God and Master for this wonderful experience in life.

Kalpana, Jaipur

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